Analyze The 5 Styles Of European Furniture Design For You

I am very happy that you can see this article. Maybe you will get some information you want after reading it. Yes, today I will share the five styles of European furniture design for you. Let’s take a look!

Analyze The 5 Styles Of European Furniture Design For You

First, the Roman style. This is an era dominated by pillar structures. It pays attention to the revelation from the round bow of the church. The artistic techniques such as engraving and inlaying are in a secondary position, with large materials and simple lines.

Second, the Gothic style. The new furniture, which is made up of finely crafted and gorgeous silk flowers, is popular in France. It is dominated by spires, arches and vertical lines. It is towering, light, rich and refined.

Third, the style of the Renaissance. The furniture of this period has become a product of antique art, and it is definitely a flower in the greenhouse. However, the art of painting in this period had a great influence on furniture. The furniture craftsmen began to pay attention to the patterns and colors of wood finishing materials, and began to use natural colored wood to stitch beautiful images. People evaluate the Renaissance furniture works in this way: balanced, subtle, modest, and rational and logical. What is important is that the furniture of this period did not form its own style, which was gradually overwhelmed in the long river of history.

Five, Rococo style. The British European furniture design master Chippendale (1718-1779) combines the oriental elements of China’s towers, Suzhou garden technology and Western furniture making skills. Chippendale is synonymous with Rococo furniture in the history of furniture. He is the founder of the Rococo style. The complex wave pattern mimics the shape of the shells and rocks, and is decorated with delicate carvings to pursue the sportiness of the slim and gorgeous, giving people a smooth movement.

Fourth, the Baroque style. The word Baroque is Portuguese, meaning a deformed pearl with unconformity, distortion, and grotesqueness. The style was first created in Italy. The furniture products of this period were magnificent, vivid, enthusiastic and unrestrained. In the technique, a large number of techniques such as engraving, gold foil and gold were used. How serene and subtle it is compared to the previous period (the Renaissance), how dramatic and striking the Baroque style is. These two artistic styles are very different. Renaissance furniture expresses reason, while Baroque style furniture is about movement, movement, transformation and melody. More importantly, the design of the furniture is from Gothic simple mechanical simulation of architectural modeling to “humanity”, and humanized design for the needs of life functions.

Analyze The 5 Styles Of European Furniture Design For You

The five styles of European furniture design, related introductions come here first, I hope to help everyone. Learn more about modern European furniture, stay tuned!

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