BUSNELLI furniture: A New Chapter In Modern European Furniture With Design

The Italian furniture brand BUSNELLI was founded in 1953. Since its inception, BUSNELLI has experienced a total of 65 years of wind and rain. Of particular note is its accumulation in the field of seating. Each piece of furniture has its own brand’s unique logo – the silver trademark of Busnelli. Make it have its own unique recognition and brand influence in the field of modern European furniture.

BUSNELLI furniture: A New Chapter In Modern European Furniture With Design

In a short period of 65 years, one piece of classic furniture was designed by BUSNELLI and sought after by the market. All of this stems from its design philosophy. Busnelli excels at combining design aesthetics with the use of functions to achieve a perfect balance between the understated look and the well-known comfort. At the same time, BUSNELLI has collaborated with many well-known professional architects and designers to produce many works with innovative appearance, durable materials and multi-structures, and constantly write a new chapter in the history of design. Especially in the field of modern European furniture.

In modern minimalism, the product can always feel the historical charm of it. It has a retro taste, just like the temperament and charm of some people. This may be born, perhaps his experience and story.

As a high-end brand, Busnelli also has strict quality requirements for the source of raw materials. The fabric passes a number of tests, especially the fading test and shrinkage test after washing. The leather is made of European natural cowhide. All leather materials are transparent and dyed. It is soft and compact. The dyeing and other processes are in full compliance with CEE standards and do not contain harmful substances.

As a classic furniture brand of modern European furniture, his historical significance is not simply to make furniture. BUSNELLI has two levels of recycling standards for each product. The first standard is the detachable replacement of the outer wrapping part; the second level standard The product is recyclable for other uses. Plato home brought it to China, so that Chinese consumers can also feel the unique temperament and charm of BUSNELLI.

BUSNELLI furniture uses unique European furniture design, which brings us unlimited surprises and makes our life quality more perfect. The above is the content shared today. If you want to know more European style furniture knowledge, please keep your attention!

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