The Most Comprehensive Introduction To European Furniture Design

The European style emphasizes the gorgeous decoration, the strong colors and the exquisite shape to achieve the graceful decorative effect. The top of the European living room likes to use a large light pool and create an atmosphere with gorgeous chandeliers. So who knows the style description of European furniture design?

The Most Comprehensive Introduction To European Furniture Design

Pure European style has a rich European cultural heritage and atmosphere, coupled with more beautiful and high-end furniture accessories, can create a noble, warm, gorgeous and elegant first visual sense, so it is popular among the masses. Since it is a pure European furniture design description, it is both inside and outside, let’s talk about the knowledge of European style furniture design description.

European furniture design description knowledge analysis:

The European style can be divided into Nordic, Jane and Traditional European according to different regional cultures. The idyllic style in the 17th century prevailed in Europe, focusing on the transformation of linear activities and beautiful colors. It is based on romanticism in form. The decoration materials are commonly used in marble, colorful fabrics, intricate carpets, and delicate French wall hangings. All of them are luxurious and beautiful, full of intense dynamic effects. The other is the style of Rococo. Its love is decorated with light and slender curves. It is elegant and friendly. European aristocrats like this style very much.

European-style living rooms are not only luxurious, but more pleasant and romantic. After perfect embellishment, the finely crafted details deal with the family’s incomparable comfortable touch. In fact, harmony is a high-level European style. Together, the style of European decoration is suitable for large-scale houses. If the space is too small, it is not only unable to display its style, but instead creates a sense of oppression for those in the days. Of course, we must have a certain aesthetic quality, and we must make good use of the European style, otherwise it will only add to the snake.
The style of European style focuses on the beautiful decoration, rich color and exquisite appearance to reach the graceful decoration effect. The top of the European living room likes to use a large light pool and create a ambiance with beautiful chandeliers. The upper part of the door and window is made into a circular arc shape, and is lined with a plaster line with a pattern. Two luxurious Roman columns are placed at the entrance to the hall, and the interior has a real fireplace or a fake fireplace. The wall is easy to use wallpaper, or use excellent latex paint to enhance the luxury effect. Ground materials are preferred for stone or flooring.

The European living room is very much in need of furniture and soft decoration to build the whole role. Dark oak or maple furniture, brightly colored fabric sofas, are the protagonists of the European living room. There are also romantic Roman blinds, intricate oil paintings, and the creation of exquisite sculptures and crafts, all of which are elements that are not short of European style. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that this type of decoration will achieve a better effect in a room with a larger area and space.

In terms of material selection, in addition to the white materials commonly used in Europe, modern materials such as glass and mirrors have been used, which greatly enhances the contrast effect of the original texture, and adds a sense of modernity while expressing honor. At the same time, this case is matched with warm-colored lights, breaking the dull tone of the traditional layout, which greatly enhances the layering and penetration of the space.

The Most Comprehensive Introduction To European Furniture Design

The content of the European furniture design description is over. Finally, in the later period of soft decoration, the matching lamps and furniture are also very elegant. There are both Western elements and strong sense of the times. For example, the sparkling effect of the ceiling crystal lamp, coupled with the perfect combination of European furniture, crystal lamp, car side mirror, hanging picture, jewelry, etc., form a highly decorative effect, and the luxurious European furniture design style is vividly displayed.

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