The Quality Of The Log Furniture Is Very Beautiful. Do you know How To Extend Its Life?

Why can log furniture be popular for so many years, from the color analysis, it is its natural wood color, the color is refreshing, the texture is full of natural decoration is the favorite of modern people. At the same time, the wood color furniture is both natural and chemically free. This is indeed a healthy fashion choice, in line with the psychological needs of modern urban people who admire nature.

The quality of the log furniture is very beautiful. Do you know how to extend its life?

Today, let’s share the little knowledge of wood furniture maintenance. Although the wood furniture is very temperamental, it is very beautiful, but after all, it is a wood product, or you need to take care of everyone together. Come and get a little skill, let you have the perfect home with logs. Do not fade!

  1. Pay attention to the position of the display. Log furniture should be kept away from the dehumidifier while avoiding direct sunlight. If the fine wood furniture has been exposed to the sun, it is easy to partially fade, the wood is too dry, and cracks are prone to occur.
  2. To prevent dust. Generally, the high-grade wood furniture made of mahogany, teak, oak, walnut, etc. has exquisite carved decoration. If it can not be cleaned regularly, the crevices in the small gaps will easily affect the appearance, while the dust will make the wooden furniture quick. The killer of “aging”.
  3. Avoid liquids that often leave the surface. If the surface of the log furniture is not specially treated, the water, alcohol and other liquids that remain for a long time will leave white marks on the furniture. Therefore, when there is liquid on the surface of the furniture, it must be wiped off immediately and kept dry.
  4. Regular cleaning and maintenance. Whether the wood furniture you purchase should be oiled or waxed, etc., you must ask the merchant when buying furniture. If you are using waxing and maintenance furniture, when purchasing wax, it is best to choose a solid wax with a high concentration, which can fill small defects on the furniture. In addition, spray wax is also a good choice. But don’t use the two together, otherwise the furniture surface will be blurred and no longer bright. Small places are more attentive. For new furniture, people always have a welcome mood, but in terms of log furniture, there is more care.
  5. before welcoming the log furniture home, you must first clean up the home environment, especially in the cleaning work before moving into second-hand housing is more careful. Once the new furniture is placed, wipe it with a dry or damp cloth. Since the new furniture has been prepared for all protective measures, such as paint, before the factory leaves, there is no need to do new oil or waxing work for new furniture.
  6. After using for a period of time, it is recommended to do maintenance work every 2 months. In general, skin care products such as Bi Lizhu are a good choice for wood furniture care products. The method used is to first wipe it with a dry cloth, then spray the beads, then wipe it with a dry cloth. Pay attention to the indoor dry humidity. The lacquer (gloss finish, glass paint) on some wooden furniture surfaces will crack on the surface after long-term use, so the daily cleaning and maintenance work can not be too lazy.
The quality of the log furniture is very beautiful. Do you know how to extend its life?

The above is today for everyone to share the furniture news, want to learn more knowledge, please continue to pay attention to us!

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