What are the modern European furniture maintenance methods?

How to choose modern European furniture? What are the modern European furniture maintenance methods? In the living room space, in addition to the sofa background wall, the decoration style and design of the TV cabinet is critical. Among them, the European style TV cabinet is elegant and suitable for creating an elegant European style living room. Today, I will introduce you to the purchase methods and maintenance techniques of modern European furniture for reference.

What are the modern European furniture maintenance methods?

How to choose modern European furniture? Today’s TV products are not only filthy, but also light. Therefore, when choosing a TV cabinet, it is necessary to fully consider its heavy capacity. 2, the choice of TV cabinet must be in harmony with the overall style of the living room, can not be “mave stand” and look awkward, should choose the style that can be integrated into the overall space, if you can make a visual highlight on this basis, then Better. 3, the choice of materials for modern European furniture. Regardless of the style and color, the main factor determining the price of modern European furniture is generally the material. Most European-style TV cabinets are made of wood. The price of TV cabinets varies greatly depending on the variety of wood and the quality of wood. Friends who like luxury European style can choose red wooden TV cabinet, mahogany is a symbol of high-grade wood, mahogany wood texture is beautiful and durable, it is the highest price among modern European furniture. Friends who like simplicity and popularity can choose pine wood TV cabinets. These cabinets are cheap, although they are not as expensive as mahogany, but the materials are still very good.

Check whether the TV cabinet is convenient and feasible in terms of line placement. In order to take into account the functions of electrical set-top boxes such as TVs, it is possible to fully play its role. Therefore, in determining the design or shape of the TV cabinet, it is the first choice to fully utilize the functions of the electrical appliances. Choose the right size TV cabinet. We need to measure the size before buying a TV cabinet. The long width of the TV wall and the length and width of the TV set can avoid the unsuitable phenomenon of the TV cabinet after purchase. The height of the line of sight we watch TV is below the eye level when we sit down, so we have to pay attention to the height of the TV, preferably 40 cm from the ground. Of course, there should be some positions above the TV cabinet to facilitate the placement of items.

The inside of the TV cabinet or the back of the TV cabinet is prone to dead corners and accumulate dust. Therefore, it is necessary to clean it frequently, and wipe it with a clean rag. Dilute with olive oil and water, then rub with a cloth to make the wooden TV cabinet smooth and shiny. The action of the switch door panel or the drawer should not be too rude, especially the glass cabinet of the glass material, if used improperly, it will cause unexpected damage. The above is about the selection of modern European furniture and the related content of modern European furniture maintenance methods.

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