Which Brand Of European Furniture Is Good? Do You Really Know?

What kinds of furniture brands do you know about Europe? Today is for you Provide a brand about European furniture. hope it is of help to you!

Which Brand Of European Furniture Is Good? Do You Really Know?
  1. Fendi Casa Fendi Casa, Italy’s famous luxury brand, was officially founded in Rome in 1925. It opened the curtain of a fur family. In 1984, the home brand Fendi Casa was founded, which made the company an early introduction of luxury design brands. A member of the home field, and successfully ranked among the top eight brands of furniture in the world.
  2. Armani Casa Armani Casa is a brand-specific and complete family of home brands. It took more than two years to prepare before the official announcement in 2000, and bet on the new living space. Create and develop a complete collection of furniture, cutlery, lamps, bed sets and a variety of home accessories to present the complete lifestyle of Armani.
  3. Roberto Cavalli Roberto Cavalli is a world-renowned clothing brand founded by the famous Italian designer Robert Cavalli. Since the founding of the company in 1960, its wild and sexy style has become the pioneer of fashion trends, becoming the most “wild” brand in the Milan fashion circle. In 2012, Roberto Cavalli launched his home collection Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors at the Milan Furniture Fair and the Paris Home Furnishings Expo, including furniture, textiles, tableware, wallpapers, tiles and carpets, and officially entered the home sector.
  4. Versace Versace brand has always been synonymous with luxury, and even vulgar. From high-end fashion custom collections to ready-to-wear, from jewellery to perfumes, from home d├ęcor to porcelain collections, these luxury goods are all in the field. In addition to the fashion collection is widely known, Verseca’s furniture collection is also full of loyal fans. The design concept is exactly the same as the brand spirit, which makes the Versace home collection also present a luxurious and expensive side.
  5. Bentley Home Bentley has been working on the most advanced car interiors for nearly 100 years, and in 2013, the brand decided to bring its car features to the home and created Bentley Home. From sofas, beds, desks to photo frames, vases, and pet supplies.
Which Brand Of European Furniture Is Good? Do You Really Know?

The knowledge of European furniture brands shared today is here. Please continue to pay attention to us. The follow-up will provide you with some European furniture knowledge, so that you can enjoy your family life better!

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